TV, Telephone and Internet in Spain


TV in Spain

The most popular type of television that you will find in Spain is satellite as the regular transmissions that are used for radio and television through the world do not work well in Spain. You can take it into your own hands and get your own satellite system but be sure that it is compatible with the satellite stations. Be sure that the satellite dish that you go with has a Video crypt decoder and is capable of receiving radio frequencies as well.

Phones in Spain

Having a telephone in Spain can be a bit costly if you do not know what to do or how to cut some corners. There is one main telephone company which owns many smaller ones, giving people an option of choosing from different providers. You must show your passport or residence card as well as proof of rent or ownership of your home. You will have to pay a connect fee and in some cases a deposit to get the service turned on. You can also save money on your long distance calls by using your phone during reduce hours for cost or purchase a phone card to do all of your long distance callsĀ Radio Spain.

Internet Services in Spain

Another option for phone service is the internet. You can get programs such as Skype where you can call from pc to pc. This is good as you can get cheap or next to nothing on rates. You can also pay a flat rate with an internet service provider to avoid paying for local calls. Most plat rates are pretty much the same from one company to the next and they all offer different plans. You will want to check out different ISP’s as they are mainly found cheaper in the larger cities. The farther out you get from the city the more you will pay.

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